Mix Engineer / Producer Lu Diaz

Learn to Mix like a Pro with Multi-Platinum Grammy Award Winner Lu Diaz

Lu Diaz's courses are designed to take your mixing skills to a new level. His "2 hour Full Mix Course" is a deep dive into mixing, taking you step by step showing you his techniques and his decision making in real time. This is the closest thing to sitting in a mix with Lu Diaz.

Introducing the Lu Diaz Mixing Series

Learn how to mix like a pro with the help of Grammy award-winning mix engineer Lu Diaz. In this first video tutorial, Lu Diaz takes you step by step through his mixing process, sharing insights and techniques along the way. Follow along as he mixes hip hop drums from start to finish, providing valuable commentary and guidance throughout the session. With this tutorial, you'll learn the secrets to creating powerful and punchy drum mixes that will take your tracks to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best mix engineers in the business. Get the Lu Diaz Mixing Series now and start mastering the art of hip hop drum mixing today!

More tutorials will be added in the very near future, we will notify you as soon as new tutorials go live

In this 3 part, 2 hour & 10 minute video course tutorial, Lu Diaz walks you through a full mix from start to finish. Watch as he sculpt the mix from raw tracks to final mix approval. This tutorial is the ultimate deep dive guide to mixing like a true pro.

Full Session Mix

The most comprehensive tutorial in this series. Watch and learn how to mix a song from start to finish.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are perfect for retaining information. Learn at your own pace, rewind, re-watch & retain.

In this video Lu walks you through the mix template and explains his thought process behind his setup and his workflow.

Download the Lu Diaz Mix Template

Watch the Mix Template & Workflow Video

Learn from Lu's insights on mixing with templates

In this 48 minute video tutorial Lu Diaz takes you step by step on how he mixing hip hop drums. This tutorial is packed with insight.

Drums Mix Session

Follow along as Lu Diaz takes you through his hip hop drums mix session with plenty of insightful commentary.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are perfect for retaining information. Learn at your own pace, rewind, re-watch & retain.

Lu Diaz is a 3 time Grammy Award Winner and has over 50 platinum & Gold awards credited to his name

Learning is key to growing as mixing engineer

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